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Xbox Series X Just Got A Massive Price Drop

Microsoft is discounting the Xbox Series X by $100, and some retailers are offering more savings on top of that

We may earn a commission from links on this page.
Microsoft threw up a holographic installation to launch the Xbox Series X in the U.K in November 2020.
Photo: Ian Gavan (Getty Images)

In case you still needed to do some last-minute Christmas shopping for the gamers in your life (or for yourself), Microsoft has temporarily slashed the price of its most powerful gaming console, knocking the cost down by $100.

The Xbox Series X is a beast of a machine. The Chuck Taylor-looking shoebox of a console packs a staggering 12 teraflops of power, runs games at true 4K and up to 120 fps, holds a custom 1TB SSD, and spouts other features I could describe with even more tech jargon to make your head spin. Basically, the Series X is everything its smaller sibling, the Series S, wishes it could be, but now, you don’t have to sacrifice power for affordability. Microsoft has dropped the Xbox Series X’s price to just $400 for now, cutting it down from $500.


This steep discount can be seen across a few different digital and physical retailers, including Amazon (see here), Best Buy, GameStop, Microsoft’s own website, and Walmart (which is currently selling the system for $350). It’s a great deal, making this a great time to pick up the behemoth that is the Xbox Series X.


Now, the question is what to play on your fancy new Series X when you get it on the cheap. Plenty of excellent exclusive and multiplatform games came out this year. Stuff like Alan Wake II, Diablo IV, Hi-Fi Rush, Lies of P, Street Fighter 6, and many more make owning the console worth it, particularly because you get to see these games at their best (unless you have a powerful PC, of course). And looking to next year, with Senua’s Saga: Hellblade II and Star Wars Outlaws on the horizon, it makes perfect sense to snatch up a new Xbox for $100 off.