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How To Get Your Year-End Wrap-Ups For Switch, PS5, And Xbox

The Big Three each have a Spotify Wrapped-style round-up of your gaming habits

We may earn a commission from links on this page.
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With 2023 speeding to a close, you might be wondering how much time you spent gaming in what many have called the best year ever for the industry. (Was it, though?) It’s hard to remember the early months of the year when we enter the final stretch so, Microsoft, Nintendo, and Sony have devised a way for you to find your year-end wrap-ups.

These round-ups are reminiscent of Spotify Wrapped, a comprehensive rundown of your listening habits over the previous 12 months. Instead of music, though, the gaming version gives you details on what gaming looked like for you over the course of the year. With that said, let’s find out your Gaming Wrapped.


If you login to the respective sites—Nintendo, Microsoft, and Sony—you should see data bits covering your 2023 gaming habits. It’ll include stats like total playtime, top-played genres, the month you gamed the most, a list of your most-played games, and a comparison of how you stack against others on the platform. Each company presents these stats slightly differently, but they all show what your year in gaming looked like.


How To Get Your Nintendo Switch Year In Review 2023


Getting to your Nintendo Switch wrap-up is a piece of cake. Just log into the company’s year-in-review website with your username and password and boom, all of your stats will populate with nice animations, showing what game started your year, the games you played most (and the option to vote on your fave), and more details.

How To Get Your PlayStation 2023 Wrap Up


Sony’s retrospective can also be accessed via web browser. Log into the company’s wrap-up portal and all of your stats will be right there for your perusal, with much of the same info as Nintendo.

How To Get Your Xbox Year In Review 2023


Xbox also has a dedicated end-of-the-year roundup portal available via web browser. Once there, log in with your credentials, and everything you want to know about your year with Xbox will be front and center. Happy browsing.

These wrap-ups are is how we found out just how much gaming Xbox boss Phil Spencer did throughout the year. According to stats he shared on Twitter (I really don’t want to call it “X” anymore), the gaming bigwig spent a total of 917 hours (nearly 23 work weeks) just playing Xbox, with his most-played games being Starfield, Diablo IV, and Pillars of Eternity: Hero Edition. Now that’s what I call a Gamer™.


How much gaming do you think you did this year? Does it compare to Phil Spencer? What were the games you played the most according to these year-end lists? Share your wrap-ups in the comments below so we can see how much of a degenerate—I mean, gamer you are.